Thurstable Chapter – Rose Croix No.1193

An introduction to Rose Croix…

Welcome to the Ancient and Accepted Rite of England and Wales (which is more commonly known as Rose Croix), in the Province of Essex. The Order is governed by the Supreme Council, thirty third Degree, whose headquarters are known as ‘Grand East’ and located in Duke Street, St. James’s, London.

This Order is open to all Freemasons who have been Master Masons for a period of one year or more and who profess the Trinitarian Christian Faith.

You will find this a deep and thought provoking Order with the work of the Chapter being carried out in a quiet and gentle manner. Rose Croix – like Freemasonry as a whole – is not a religion, however it does serve to point the way to the Trinitarian Christian Faith (the Trinity perceived as being all things which are from the Father, through the Son and in the Holy Spirit).

The Ancient and Accepted Rite is composed of thirty three degrees. The first three within Craft Freemasonry, being accepted as equivalent to the first three degrees in Rose Croix.

Only the 18th degree is worked in full at the Chapter meeting. Being a progressive Order most members aspire to attain the Chair of Sovereign (equivalent to Worshipful Master in Craft Freemasonry), although it is not a requirement of joining. By the time he has completed his year as Sovereign he will be expected to have carried out the complete 18th degree ceremony and also the short ceremony of installing his successor. It can take between six and ten years to pass through the various Offices.

The Thurstable Chapter No.1193 meets at the Tollesbury Masonic Centre three times a year on Saturday mornings. The Ceremony usually commences at 10.30am and concludes at approximately midday. The meeting is then followed by a traditional festive board which is optional, although we find most of our members enjoy the opportunity to socialise in a relaxed atmosphere before departing at around 2pm.